Our Zero Waste Journey

Waimea Christmas Parade 2016

My name is Courtney and I live in Hilo on Hawaii Island with my fiancé, Waiemi. We currently live with my grandma, Aunty, and cousins. Not only have we found it difficult to live a more zero waste lifestyle in a family we do not own, we also found it difficult to live zero waste in Hawaii in general.

There are not that many locations and resources on the island that can support zero waste at a decent enough price. Products produced on-island are priced relatively higher than products imported from the mainland but products from the mainland often times come in a lot of plastic packaging.

However, the goal of my blog is to put information on resources out there for others on the Island who want to lead a zero waste lifestyle. As well as document our choices and journey to zero waste living.

I will post where you and I can get our bulk items and other local products to make our own recipes at home as well as any community events and ideas from other zero waste bloggers.

Hapuna Beach

Our Reason…

The reason why we are going zero waste is to do our part in helping to protect the environment. Living on an island with an ecosystem as sensitive as Hawaii’s as well as species of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. After visiting the Mokupāpapa Discovery Center one day, we saw an exhibit about marine debris collected from the Northern Hawaiian Islands and there were so many pieces of plastic, from lighters to water bottles, and it broke my heart. They also had pictures of marine animals that were harmed by the marine debris. Our beaches are so beautiful and I don’t want to pollute them. Minimizing our waste impact is a very real concern we should take to heart to help save the planet.


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