Our Zero Waste Wedding Planning

Waiemi and I plan to get married on Earth Day 2018, April 22, 2018. We want to try and make it happen with as little waste as we possibly can with our small budget. Here’s what we’re planning!

Why April 22, 2018?

We want an April wedding. April 2012 is when we started dating and April is just a really nice month in general. We decided a Sunday would be cheapest for us since a lot of places charge top dollar for wedding bookings. Sunday is an off-day so hopefully prices will be more reasonable. Earth Day and Zero Waste are a great combination especially since it will give us a chance to educate our friends and family about zero waste and why it’s important for not only us as humans, but also the environment. Earth Day would be the ideal day so hopefully we can get it. Fingers crossed!

Update! 3/30/17

So there’s a scheduling conflict for Kamehameha Schools’ chapel on April 22 next year. If I want to keep it on April 22, we have to settle for Liliuokalani Gardens. If we want to have it at Kamehameha Schools we have to choose another date. We’re currently speaking with someone about it and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Zero Waste Party Favors

  • Individual small potted plants, probably herbs or some form of flower that won’t go crazy in our Hawaiian ecosystem. Possibly with an organic twine and compostable tag with our names and wedding date.
  • Small jars with cookie or cake mix inside. Just the mix, not actual cookies. Same deal, we’ll use twine and a compostable tag.
  • Homemade treats in small jars. Here’s where the cookies come in or homemade jam or jelly. Something edible that most people won’t actually waste.
  • Homemade lip balm in small tins. When I find the right lip balm recipe, I’ll definitely consider this little idea.

Update! 7/8/17

We’ve decided to just go with 4oz jars of jam and 8oz jars with succulents in them as party favors for people to take home. Food is a better gift for people to take home because theres a higher likeliness that they will be used instead of thrown away . As far as plants go, who wouldn’t want a succulent plant at their desk at work?

Our Invitations

I was thinking we could have our save-the-date cards on plantable seed postcards and the invitations themselves can be on plantable seed paper as well. That way, after the wedding, they can plant the paper and herbs or wildflowers will grow, which will also help the bees.

On our invitations, we want to put the URL address to our wedding website so everyone can RSVP there. Saves on time, postage, and waste. For those that don’t have access to the internet, we’ll also have our numbers to RSVP with.

My former coworker opened a design shop on Etsy so she has gladly accepted to make our invitations!

Our Wedding Website

I set it up through the Knot. Here it will have all of the information the guests need to know about our wedding, like venue, time, registries, etc. I set up two registries already, a wedding registry with Amazon and a cash registry with Tendr. I also want to set a charity on our website for the right cause. Also on our website, guests can RSVP, I just have to manually write down the guest list. I wish that step could be easier.

Our Venue

We have several places in mind. Kamehameha Schools William Charles Lunalilo Center is our Number One choice. Kamehameha Schools is where we met. If it wasn’t for our beloved Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, we would never have met and fallen in love. If that plan unfortunately falls through, we are absolutely open to a ceremony at Liliuokalani Garden where my mom and dad got married. Either location is great for us.

Update! 4/1/17

Waiemi was able to talk to a few people at work (he works at the Hilo Hawaiian – Queen’s Court Restaurant) and he got some information about using one of the banquet halls for our reception, which will be a great idea if we have the ceremony at Liliuokalani Park. This might change everything.

Update! 7/8/17

We have decided to scratch our plans for Kamehameha Schools and Liliuokalani Gardens in favor of Anna Ranch Heritage Center in Waimea. It is much more beautiful and more private. We will have the wedding outside if the weather permits and then the reception will be inside the Hall. Be on the look out for a post about Anna Ranch with pictures.

Another update will come later!